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Balestier explo...
Added: 18 August 2011
By: nichtey


Basic functions:
The dice
Click on the box allocated near the top left of the game which states the place to roll the dice. There are 2 possible outcomes from rolling the dice, namely 1 and 2.

Your green token is symbolized as a green circle, and you start off at the bottom right of the bottom right of the board, on the tile with the wording "Monthly Salary of $200".

Basic technical requirements
A working mouse and keyboard.

Aim of our game
To spark interest in Balestier's rich history, our group from Hwa Chong Institution have decided to add in an interactive game to test the knowledge of the participant in the field of their knowledge of Balestier through question and answers format. For more information on Balestier's history, please visit <>

to our game
The demanding inspector is your boss. In order to gain promotions, you must meet his objectives denoted on the top left corner. Failure to do so in the time limit will get you sacked, while each time you complete his mission, he becomes increasingly demanding. How long can you survive under this new and demanding boss?

The Rules of our game
There are two types of scores, one in the form of $ and the other in the form of stars. Stars are used in the "Special" shop while $ is needed to fufill the objectives of the game.

Coloured tiles:
A question will be asked when your token lands in on the coloured tiles. Brown coloured tiles give the most basic and general questions on Balestier while purple tiles gives the most challenging questions. The level of the questions determine the amount of rewarded dollars. To answer the question, one must use the corresponding number and press it on the keyboard.

Monthly Salary of $200
Every time a token passes this tile, it is rewarded with $200. This tile is also the starting point.

A random question of Balestier which garners a random amount of dollars. (Work in progress)

A token that lands on the special tile will allow the player to use stars to bribe the boss into extending his time limit to the objectives.

Upon landing on this tile, the player has an option of answering a question that will double their current amount of money if they get it correct or lose all their current money if they get it wrong. (Work in Progress)

To clear the 5 challenging levels in the game. Be warned: The first level might be easy but this would not be the case for later levels!

For any other technical issues or support for the game, please post it on <>