Balestier - A Place for All

The modern-day sights and sounds of Balestier
Balestier, where many races lived together, is named after Joseph Balestier, who was the first American consul in Singapore serving a full 15 years from 1837 to 1852. This mix of the various races is evident in the different cultures which can be said to be equally rich in Balestier. 

This place is also known as or kio (black bridge) or goh chor tua peh kong (Rochor temple) by the Hokkien community, whilst the Indians call it thaneer kampong (water village) because the water was drawn by bullock carts during the old times. 

The Burmese community is especially active in the estate of Balestier, as suggested from the names of many roads in Balestier being named after Burmese roads and places, with Mandalay, Shan, Prome and Irrawaddy just to name a few.